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Percussive Suggestion Technique

A revolutionary new technique is now available for self use or for use in formal  therapy sessions.... and best of all PSTEC is Free... 

PSTEC is a very special 11 minute audio track that you simply listen to whilst following along to the verbal instructions. In essence all you will be doing is tapping with your right , left or both hands whilst listening and trying at the same time to remain focused on your worst emotional trauma or memory.

PSTEC is the brain child of Tim Phizakerley who has found an ingenous way of getting positve suggestions directly into the subconcious mind. The PSTEC audios involve user participation in the form of following along to the click tracks and tapping with either the left or right hands and sometimes both at the same time. By directly involving the user as oppsed to them just being passive, these PSTEC audios skillfully combine anchors with pattern interrupts together with a unique form of compressed deep suggestion which creates a rapid and lasting release from any problem, feeling or emotion.

PSTEC may not be suitble if you suffer from bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or epilepsy, also if you're in any doubt please consult your medical doctor for advice before you attempt to use the audios.

PSTEC is designed for use with phobias, PTSD, anxiety, resentment, confidence, compulsions, plus lots more. PSTEC is fast, totally painless and best of all the audios are completely free to use.