Transactional analysis and change

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Personal Change and Transactional Analysis


Have you ever thought that there are things you would like to change?  I am sure we all have, whether that be through dislike of some aspect of ourselves and our actions, dislike of where we are and what we are doing, or just general boredom.  So, what stops us making those changes and moving on?  One way is to mistake our beliefs for facts.  For example, we are often self-critical saying that we are stupid, clumsy, useless at relationships, or some other similar negative self talk.  Wouldn't it be great to stop beating up on yourself and be on your side rather than on your back?  This is possible.


Transactional Analysis is an approach that recognises that we all talk to ourselves and that unfortunately this talk is often negative.  It is an approach that offers the tools to understand why we do what we do and how to change it.  Once we change it is then difficult for others to do the same negative things around us.


One example of change comes from someone who came on one of our workshops:


I came on the course not knowing what to expect.  However, since then I have made the choice to be healthy by stopping smoking and losing weight.  I always used to put other people before me and, whilst this was alright to some degree, I never got much enjoyment for myself.  I now know that I can break through my self-limiting beliefs and be me.  This may be difficult for my family but I know we will all work out a way to care about each other and get our needs met.  Thank you.



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