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Community.Businessballs terms and conditions

businessballs community terms of use and privacy policy

With effect from 7 Dec 2010 the Businessballs Community will increasingly be refocused on LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT CONTENT.

Other types of content will progressively be removed as part of a clean-up and relaunch. Terms and conditions are being revised accordingly.     
Helpful educational, interesting or entertaining content which directly concerns or relates to learning and development is welcome. Spam or thinly veiled advertising, particularly for financial services or get-rich-quick scams, is not, and will be removed, along with the users posting such material.

These terms and conditions are for the Businessballs Community free publishing area.

Here are the terms and conditions for the main Businessballs website.

This page shows the latest version of the Businessballs Community terms and conditions, and details of significant changes.

While you use the site you effectively agree to these terms of use.

index to community website terms and conditions

  1. Acceptance and definitions
  2. Modification, notification and acceptance
  3. Age limit
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Content and responsibilities
  6. Advertising, affiliateships and e-commerce
  7. Endorsement
  8. Liability for services
  9. Website functionality and code
  10. Linking to Businessballs
  11. Copyright infringement claims and process
  12. Termination and waiver
  13. General

Significant changes are detailed below.


please note

  • Please ensure any files you upload are safe to use.
  • Downloading files carries risks. Ensure your computer has up-to-date protection against viruses, etc.



quick summary

  • The purpose of the Businessballs Community website is to improve and extend free learning and development - content must therefore directly concern or relate to learning and development.
  • In providing such content you may publicize your own services, including linking to your own website(s).
  • You must own the content you upload or post onto the website, or have permission or be within your rights to do so.
  • Each registered user account and its content should be clearly identifiable with the user's business or interests. An account should not be used to promote multiple businesses that do not belong to you.
  • You can choose to keep your registered email address private.
  • Registration is for over 16s - or older if your national law says so.
  • Registration and presence on the Businessballs Community are free.
  • Your username for login should be something you have a right to use.
  • Other people's use of uploaded content for personal learning and teaching/developing/helping others is free.
  • Publishing or sale of uploaded content is not permitted unless approved by the owner of the content.
  • The website accepts no liability for issues arising from your use of the website.
  • You accept liability for any issues arising from content you create or upload.
  • You can place revenue-generating adverts on your Community pages, provided they accompany genuine content, and your adverts only account for a small proportion of the page(s) concerned.


The above summary is not the terms and conditions. See the terms and conditions in detail below.

If after reading the terms and conditions you still have a query please contact us.



businessballs community website terms and conditions

1. acceptance and definitions

  1. If you use the Community.Businessballs.com website then effectively this will be taken to mean you agree to these Terms and Conditions (referred to here as "Terms"). If you do not agree with the Terms please don't please don't use the Community.Businessballs website.
  2. This agreement is between you and the Businessballs.com website, which is owned by Alan Chapman, a partnership based in Leicester UK, whose contact details are here.
  3. The Businessballs.com website including the subdomain Community.Businessballs.com are also referred to as "Businessballs" and also "the Website".
  4. The terms "Community", "Community on Businessballs" and "Businessballs Community" refer to the community self-publishing subdomain Community.Businessballs.com.
  5. You are referred to also as the "User", or the "Registered User" (if registered with the Community on Businessballs).
  6. A "User" of the website is someone who views and may download accessible Content and/or who uses other functionality of the website not requiring registration.
  7. A "Registered User" is someone who can create a personal profile and post/upload Content onto the Website.
  8. The Businessballs Community enables you to seek and offer various things; to communicate and engage with other Businessballs users; to use, share and provide resources, materials and ideas.
  9. The Businessballs services that enable this are referred to as "Service" or "Services".
  10. The ideas, materials, information and resources, etc., that are posted onto the Businessballs Community are referred to as "Content".
  11. Where the words 'link' and 'links' are used in the context of linking to websites this refers to navigation links, not 'content links' or 'hotlinking' of the sort that uses bandwidth belonging to others.
  12. These Terms apply especially to the use of the Community subdomain on the Businessballs website, and may be transferred to any replacement or alternative self-publishing community positioned elsewhere within the Businessballs website, for example if resulting from and required by the improvement and development of technology and services.
  13. There are separate and different terms of the use for the content on the www.Businessballs.com website, which act as default terms of use for Content posted/uploaded onto the Businessballs Community subdomain. (This is further clarified below in Content and Responsibilities, point 9. Basically as a Registered User, your content is subject to the same terms that apply to Alan Chapman's content on Businessballs.com, i.e., your Content is free for others to use in learning and teaching, but it is not to be sold or published elsewhere by others without your permission.)

2. modification, notification and acceptance

  1. Businessballs reserves the right to change these Terms.
  2. This page will always show the most up-to-date Terms.
  3. Notification of significant changes to these Terms will be posted clearly on this webpage. (A significant change is one which affects the meaning of these Terms, as opposed to insignificant changes such as spelling, grammar, presentation, etc.)
  4. Notification might be communicated to you directly if you are a Registered User where changes are significant, but you must not rely on this; it is your responsibility to check and stay up to date with the latest Terms.
  5. By continuing to use the site as a User or Registered user it will be taken that you accept the changes to the Terms.

3. age limit for users

  1. There is no lower age limit for Users who seek to view and download learning materials featured on this website.
  2. The minimum age for becoming a Registered User of this Website is 16.
  3. The Website accepts no liability for any User registering under age and thereby giving false information about his/her age, and all users of this Website are required to exercise suitable caution in communications and dealings with other Website users so as to guard (as far as is reasonably possible) against problems arising in this regard.

4. privacy policy

  1. Cookies are used on the Community Website to aid functionality (log in for example), but not to store personal private information.
  2. Other than (point 1) above, Users of the Website who wish only to view and download available materials - and who do not seek to register - are not recorded or monitored personally and individually.
  3. Users who want to enjoy the additional Services such as creating a personal profile and uploading resources, etc., must become Registered Users.
  4. You can choose to keep your registered email address private.
  5. Other than information that you as a Registered User choose to make public within your chosen privacy settings for this Website, Businessballs will not divulge any information about you to anyone else, unless we are required by law to do so.
  6. In turn you agree not to divulge any private information about another user to another party unless permitted by the person concerned to do so, or compelled by law to do so.
  7. Businessballs might from time to time analyse collective data provided by all users or certain groups of users, in order to better understand the Businessballs user-base, or to produce and publish surveys about usage statistics and user demographics, but at no stage would any personal information about you as a user be released to anyone else or be identifiable as relating to you as an individual, without your permission to do so.
  8. Users and registered users of Businessballs must extend the above privacy considerations to other users. Abuse of or interference in the privacy of users by another user is not permitted.
  9. Users should use the Website with sufficient care concerning their own personal private information and any private personal Content created or uploaded, and Businessballs accepts no responsibility for any liabilities arising from a User's negligence in this regard.
  10. Businessballs does not place advertising on the Businessballs Community website, but Google adverts do appear on the main Businessballs website, and some Users' Content on Businessballs Community may contain Users' own Google adverts, or other adverts. Google operates 'interest-based advertising' methods, as do other advertising providers, which may use anonymous information (i.e., not including visitors' names, addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you and other visitors. See Google's information about interest-based advertising, and see Google's privacy information and opt-out option in this regard. Other advertising organizations, should you see any represented on Users' Content within the Businessballs Community website, generally provide equivalent information and options.

5. content and responsibilities

  1. You use this Website as a User or Registered User entirely at your own risk.
  2. You are not permitted to create or upload any Content that is intended to be harmful, damaging, threatening, or otherwise unacceptable to reasonable sensitivities, for which Businessballs will be the sole arbiter. Such Content will be removed.
  3. If you wish to report any Content as being unacceptable please report it via the website 'flagging' system or contact us. (See also the notes about copyright infringement notification process.)
  4. Despite the above when you use the Website it is possible you might find some Content unacceptable to you in one way or another, in which event Businessballs is not liable for any problems or damages arising.
  5. Assuming Content belongs to you, you retain copyright ownership of any Content that you make available on the Businessballs Community.
  6. Given the nature of Businessballs Services you effectively grant Businessballs free licence to display your Content on the Businessballs website and its subdomains and folders and to provide other users with access to it by using the Services, including displaying extracts and descriptions your Content.
  7. You must ensure that when you upload or create any Content on Businessballs that you are entitled to do so. This particularly means that you must not make any Content available on Businessballs (including names given to files or folders) which breaches rights belonging to someone else. Businessballs will remove Content which does this.
  8. You are responsible for any consequences or damages arising from any Content your create or upload on to Businessballs that infringes copyright or is otherwise unacceptable. This responsibility does not rest with Businessballs, and you agree to indemnify Businessballs, its staff, suppliers and associates, from any claims resulting from your use of the Businessballs website.
  9. The Community on Businessballs (the subdomain Community.Businessballs.com) enables community self-publishing and uploading of resources onto the Businessballs website for sharing and use by others. Alan Chapman's content is largely contained on the Businessballs.com website, not in the Community subdomain. As a Registered User you may stipulate your own terms and conditions applying to other Users for using your Content, which must be fair and ethical and clearly stated within the Content concerned, and which must be within and not conflicting with these Terms. Where no such terms of use are stated by the Registered User, the default Terms shall be those applicable to Alan Chapman's content on the Businessballs.com website. Here are the specific terms of use relating to Alan Chapman's materials and webpages on the Businessballs website.
  10. You are not permitted to engage in any 'e-commerce' selling or trading of products or services or memberships, or engage in 'white label' micro-site arrangements, on the Businessballs Community website.
  11. Businessballs is not liable for disputes, remedial action or any damages arising from the use of one User's Content by another User.
  12. As a Registered User you are responsible for resolving any disputes arising from use of your Content. (See the notes about infringement notification.)
  13. Inappropriate techniques to improve popularity, visibility and ranking on the Community subdomain are not permitted, and Users who employ such methods are liable to be removed from the Community subdomain without warning. Examples are: disproportionate loading of keywords alongside minimal genuine content; abuse of page-views mechanisms; abuse of update mechanisms, spamming and similar nuisance-causing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, and any other tactics designed to gain unfair popular advantage.
  14. The use of a Registered User account solely or mainly for the revenue-generating promotion of businesses owned by other people or organizations is not permitted, and Users who employ such methods are liable to be removed from the Community subdomain without warning. The Businessballs Community is for educating, informing, and promoting your own interests - not other people's - and as such each Registered User account must be easily and clearly identifiable with an individual person or business.

6. advertising, affiliateships, and e-commerce

  1. You are permitted to include within your Content any ethical advertising, links, promotions, offers, etc., for your own products and services.
  2. This includes freedom to include links to your own website, within your Content, provided your activities are ethical.
  3. You may also recommend, promote, publicize and include links to other ethical providers, charities, organisations, within your Content, including links and other adverts which generate revenue for you. Such recommendation and promotion of other providers must be secondary to your own Content, and where this rule is ignored the User is liable to be removed without warning.
  4. Revenue-generating advertising and affiliate arrangements are permitted subject to advertised products and services being lawful and ethical, and in support of and secondary to relevant content. Revenue-generating advertising and affiliate arrangements which cause offence and generate reasonable complaints, or which are not in support of and secondary to relevant content will be liable for removal.
  5. You are not permitted to upload onto the Website any code or functionality enabling 'shopping cart' or direct money transactions, e-commerce or 'micro-site' or 'white-label' e-commerce arrangements, although you can link to your own external webpages or other external webpages offering such functionality.

7. endorsement

  1. Other than where stated clearly by Alan Chapman or within the Content of Alan Chapman's own webpages, Businessballs does not endorse or recommend any Registered Users or their Content featured on the Businessballs website, including Content of Registered Users which appears on the Businessballs website in listings and categories designed to assist browsing and navigation.
  2. Where Businessballs Content posted by Registered Users features other Registered Users, businesses, organisations, website links, products, services, ideas., this does not mean that Businessballs endorses or supports the items or organisations concerned.
  3. As a Registered User you must not imply or state that Businessballs endorses you or your Content, either directly or indirectly, or by using any logos or other inferences.
  4. Other than where specifically agreed or where it appears for navigation purposes as part of the Website's functionality, the use of Businessballs logo(s) is not permitted in your Content.

8. liability for services

  1. Businessballs will endeavour to maintain high quality Services, to protect the interests on the Website of all registered users, and to protect and enhance the well-being of all other Website users, however Businessballs cannot accept any liability for any of the following:
    • interruption of Services
    • level or lack of visibility of your Content within the Website
    • loss of Services or deletion of Content
    • any criticism of your Content by other Registered Users, or ranking by the Website's automated displays
    • accidental exposure of private Content or information
    • intentional exposure of or interference in your Content by others through illegal access
    • damages or losses arising from any of the above
    • consequences or losses arising from use of any Content, including any losses or damages arising from viruses or other corrupt files downloaded from the Website, or from any dealings you might have with other Users or Registered Users, whether or not Businessballs endorses the person, organisation, product, service or other Content concerned.
  2. Businessballs has no liability for backing-up and retrieving any lost Content. You are responsible for keeping copies and back-up of your own Content, and if your Content is important to you then you are strongly recommended to keep your own copy of it.

9. website functionality, code and linking to businessballs

  1. You must not interfere with the functionality or technical operation of the Businessballs website in any way.
  2. You must not insert or upload any code onto the website that alters the functionality of the website, or which employs any automated method to register, upload, create, download or control Businessballs Content, files, webpages or data in any way.
  3. Other than to a website belonging to you, links within your Content must be navigation links, not 'hotlinks' or 'content links' because such links utilize internet connectivity (bandwidth) belonging to another person or organisation.
  4. 'Hotlinking' or 'content linking' from external websites to any Content or other files on the Businessballs website is not permitted.
  5. Functional code on the Businessballs website belongs either to Businessballs, or to its suppliers. It is not to be taken and used.

10. linking to businessballs

  1. You can link to any page or resource on the Businessballs website provided that:
    • there is no statement on the page or resource concerned that forbids links to it
    • the link is a navigation link, not a 'content link' or a 'hotlink'
    • your link opens the linked page or resource in its own new browser window, and is not framed or edged by a banner or part-frame in any way.

11. copyright infringement claims and process

  1. If you (whether you are a Registered User or not) believe that Content has been made available on this website which breaches your intellectual property rights, copyright or other rights belonging to you, please follow this process:
    • First, (if possible, and unless you have good reasons for by-passing this stage) contact the person or organisation which has posted the Content and try to clarify the ownership situation. It could be that they were not aware they were doing any harm, in which case most people are happy to remove the offending Content. It could be that the rights and usage situation are not as clear as you first thought and it might help to listen to the other person's point of view. In any event please try to resolve the matter with whoever posted the Content before taking the next step. Simply talking to people directly often saves time and expense.
    • Second, if this fails to resolve the matter, or if the Registered User's email address is not shown, contact Businessballs (you may also use the phone and postal address for serious matters), sending or otherwise providing evidence of your ownership of the Content, full details of where the offending Content is being made available, and your own contact details. Assuming your claim is right and proper we will then remove the offending Content.
    • For the most serious and urgent matters you are entitled to contact Businessballs in the first instance.

12. termination and waiver

  1. You may terminate this agreement without notice for any reason without penalty by the removing your Content (if you are a Registered User) and ceasing to use the Website.
  2. In the above event the relevant sections of these Terms will continue to apply retrospectively to any claims or disputes arising from when registration and use of the Website was active.
  3. Where and if Businessballs fails to enforce any of these Terms, this does not amount to a waiver.

13. general

  1. These Terms are governed by and interpreted according to the law in England and Wales.
  2. As a Registered User you may include your own specific terms within your own Content relating to the use of your Content (for example the type of usage permitted), but your own specific terms relating to the use of your own Content will not in any way alter or nullify the Businessballs Terms shown on this page, and where there is any conflict, these Terms shall prevail.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure you are acting within your local country/regional/state law where this law has any implications for your use of this Website aside from what is mentioned in these Terms.
  4. If any of these Terms are deemed unenforceable for any reason the remainder of the Terms still apply.
  5. These Terms will transfer to any replacement or alternative self-publishing community positioned elsewhere within the Businessballs website, for example if resulting from and required by the improvement and development of technology and services.



We welcome all suggestions and feedback about these Terms.

The Terms on this page will always be the current version.

It is your responsibility to stay aware of them and any changes.

By continuing to use the Businessballs website you accept the Terms for doing so.

Here are details of significant changes to these Terms.



significant changes to businessballs community terms and conditions

'Significant changes' means those which affect meaning - not spelling, grammar and presentation, etc.

With effect from 7 Dec 2010 the Businessballs Community will increasingly be refocused on LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT CONTENT.

Other types of content will progressively be removed as part of a clean-up and relaunch. These terms and conditions are being revised accordingly.     
Helpful educational, interesting or entertaining content which directly concerns or relates to learning and development is welcome. Spam or thinly veiled advertising, particularly for financial services or get-rich-quick scams, is not, and will be removed, along with the users posting such material.


© Businessballs - 7th December 2010